Chirico Dairy products

The care and attention to details has led the Dairy Chirico to be a dairy farm very much appreciated in Cilento. The "mozzarella in the myrtle" (read more here), Key Product produced by Chirico Dairy, received a special award by the Slow Food Association. This dairy product is highly regarded in the Cilento tradition, not only by locals but also by visitors of the many national and international food fairs, organized by Slow Food and to all those who choose Cilento to spend periods of relaxation.

  • Mozzarella e Bocconcini di latte di Bufala

    € 13.00 /kg
    Mozzarella di Bufala

    They are produced exclusively with raw milk from buffalo coming from the company breeding , and which is still treated with traditional methods passed down from generation to generation by the workers. It is a stringy cheese, spherical shaped and of various sizes (25 gr ciliegina, 50gr bocconcino, 125 gr mozzarellina, 250 gr mozzarella, 500 gr aversana 1 kg maxi mozzarella) having white porcelain colour, and elastic consistency with smell and characteristic flavor of fresh butter, yogurt, milk enzymes.

    The art of making mozzarella is an ancient tradition that still is fascinating and interesting to be seen and to be learned. Once produced, mozzarella it is stored and packed in a preservative liquid consisting of water and salt.

    For the best tasting of the product during the winter, it is advisable to immerse the product with its preservative liquid in a bain-marie for about 15 minutes in warm water before consuming it. In any case it is good practice to keep the product at a temperature not lower than 12-15 ° C

  • Sfoglia di mozzarella di Bufala

    € 13.00 /kg
    Mozzarella di Bufala

    It is a real puff produced with the mixture of buffalo milk mozzarella mozzarella and is suitable to prepare delicious rolls with various fillings , suitable to enrich buffet, cold dinners, cocktails, appetizers or as a fresh second dish, in lunches or quick dinners. Some fillings are timeless as prosciutto and arucola, tuna in oil and tomato, sliced tomato and basil, dried beef and arucola... but the imagination in the kitchen has no limits, so there are countless ideas to create colorful and tasty fillings to impress all the guests.

  • Treccia di latte di Bufala

    € 13.00 /kg
    Treccia di latte di Bufala

    Is considered as the queen of the buffet tables , the treccia (braid) is a real mozzarella that the skillful hands of the dairyman turned into a work of art. The treccia is, in fact, hand-made and is presented in various sizes from 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg and above, depending on the customer’s demand.

  • Smoked buffalo milk provola

    € 13.00 /kg
    Provola affumicata di latte di Bufala

    In the great family of buffalo mozzarella, a place of primary importance should be reserved to the smoked cheese, mainly present on the tables of gourmets who are looking for flavors more determined. Once produced the mozzarella, is smoked with the traditional method of smoking with straw, top quality and in a hygienic environment according to the law law. The smoked mozzarella can be eaten fresh or as a topping for pasta sauce, eggplant parmigiana, on pizza or simply roasted on the plate.

  • Mozzarella nella Mortella(Myrtemozzarella)

    € 12.00 /kg
    Mozzarella nella mortella

    Is considered as the Cilento mozzarella par excellence. It is produced exclusively from cow's milk and is a stringy cheese elongated, white in color, the texture supple and dry, with characteristic notes of fresh butter, yogurt and myrtle.The mozzarella in the ancient times and still nowdays is wrapped in myrtle branches, which can guarantee and ideal preservation of the product. In the past , before the use of paper and plastic became common myrtle was a real packaging used to sell the product at the market . Now, also in accordance with the rules of hygiene and food safety, the myrtle is nestled in plastic trays and releases a pleasant fragrance and a delicate aroma giving a special taste to mozzarella. Myrtle is a shrub that was born in the Mediterranean pristine hills of Cilento and is a plant with many medicinal properties.

  • Fiordilatte

    € 9.00 /kg

    It is a stringy cheese made exclusively from raw cow milk of our breeding . It looks spherical and the its size is from 250gr and up, white colour with a hint of fresh butter and milk enzymes. The Fiordilatte is excellent if eaten fresh, but is also suitable for the preparation of pizza and stuffed pasta.

  • Caciocavallo

    € 10.50 /kg

    Classic stringy cheese made from cow's milk . It has an indefinite shape pear with head because traditionally the shepherds used to hang the cheese to the back of the horse to carry it to market. Hence his name! It can be eaten both fresh, curato (at least 20 days) and mature (at least 90 days). The structure of the dough is elastic and firm and in the fresh Caciocavallo is easy to feel the aroma of lactic ferments and butter; With regard to Caciocavallo curato. these aromas are transformed into aroma of melted butter becoming more piquant in the mature cheese The latter, at the visual impact, may also present small holes that make the dough more succulent.

  • Flavoured Caciocavallo

    € 10.50 /kg
    Caciocavallo aromatizzato

    In the Caciocavallo family, a prominent place should be given to the various characterisation of the cheese. In fact, it can also be consumed with the additions, inside the mixture of spun dough and of a variety of aromas. Tenuta Chirico, with a view to enhancing the aromas and flavours of Cilento, proposes the cheese flavoured with wild fennel and the one with the chilli flakes. Then there is the category of flavoured Caciocavallo from the outside, in the pomace of Aglianico grapes, which gives the cheese a unique aroma of wine, albeit in a very balanced way.

  • Caso 're vacca

    € 10.00 /kg
    Caso 're vacca

    Raw milk cheese from our cows. It has a regular cylindrical shape, the weight varies from 500 grams to 1,000 grams and can be consumed both fresh (from 1 to 7 days), is cured (about 30 days) and aged (over 90 days). It is ideal to enrich appetizers, buffet and stuffing of all sorts, and once seasoned is perfect for grating. It tastes of lactic acid, butter and yogurt, and once cured, there are also hints of dry hay and melted butter. To satisfy the palate of the most demanding people, the cheese maker likes to produce caso re vacca with various characterizations: chopped rocket, chopped nuts, black pepper, red chili pepper flakes, toasted pistachios, green olives brine, chives. You have to taste this typical version at least once in your life.

    In order to remember and revive an ancient and environmentally friendly method of preservation of the aged cheese, Tenuta Chirico also produces the "caso re vacca ammurriato", a cheese that, once it reaches a seasoning of 60 days, it’s sprinkled with a "cream" consisting of flour and turbid oil. Thanks to this treatment the cheese, stored in containers of clay remains soft and fresh, without producing molds.

  • Cacioricotta made with goat milk

    € 15.00 /kg
    Cacioricotta di capra

    Cheese made exclusively with milk from their herd of chamois goats. The working process is the traditional one that provides a first step of boiling the milk to 90 ° C and then the coagulation with rennet of animal origin. It has a cylindrical shape smooth, very light in color and has a weight ranging from 350 to 5oo gr. Great when fresh, but even more sublime when consumed after about a fortnight. Once it has reached a maturation of more than forty days, it becomes an excellent grating cheese.

  • Fior di Ricotta fresca

    € 7.00 /kg
    Fior di Ricotta fresca

    It is produced from buffalo milk mozzarella milk whey and is a very tasty, creamy and delicate. Ideal to eat simply on a slice of bread, and served with honey, jam, cocoa powder. Because of its high digestibility it is highly recommended for the first meals of the children, as well as for people who have cholesterol problems or difficult digestion. It can be used in bakery and first course dishes . Once salted, it can be seasoned and grated, becoming the classic "ricotta curata".

  • Yogurt di Bufala

    € 1 /piece
    Yogurt di Bufala

    Produced exclusively from the milk of our buffaloes and lactic ferments Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, as required by law. Great in the natural white version, but to please the most demanding gourmets, it’s also flavored with the taste of fruit (lemon, berries, banana, strawberry, pineapple, apricot) or coffee.