The breeding

mozzarella di bufala cilento

The company has always had, as its first objective, the welfare of the animals.That’ s why great attention is given to the crops of fodder which represent the food ration of the approximately three hundred head of cows, buffaloes and goats. All animals are housed in modern stables, built adopting the best measures for the welfare and care of the animals.

The soil is made fertile and productive only through the utilization ofmanure which represents the only natural and organic fertilizer used.

Guided tours

visite scuole caseificio cilento

The Chirico farm has been always available and open to schools, to the training of tourist guide not only for the divulgation of the farming and dairy processing techniques, but also to foster the principles of respect and protection of the environment, biodiversity, popular traditions, love for the earth and nature.

Extremely interesting is also a guided tour of the Biogas plant, an example of perfect realization of a green company.